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Buchanan Center Team Room


About the Team Room:  The Team Room is a support room for our six special education classrooms.  As Team Leader for the Buchanan Center program I work with the staff & students in our program by providing positive behavior support, social skill support, small group instructional support, and health plan monitoring.    In addition,  I coordinate services for the other center teachers, manage scheduling and paperwork related to educational programming, assist teachers with making accommodations/modifications for individual students, and help develop and implement behavior plans to allow students to be successful.  I am fortunate to have the support of Ms. Whitehead and Mrs. Kozma to assist with student support for reward incentives, behavioral support and basic daily functioning of the Team Room. 

Daily Functions of the Team Room:
Students will have the opportunity to visit the Team Room for reward/choice time activities at their teacher's discretion.  Students may also earn the opportunity to participate in our weekly Fun Friday activity.  Those students who have not had to visit the Team Room more than once for behavioral difficulties will be able to participate in Fun Friday.  We welcome suggestions for activities, let us know if you have a great idea or would like to help out during a Fun Friday activity. 

If a student is having difficulty following directions and functioning in their classroom they may be sent to the Team Room for a time out.  This is meant to be a time for them to "chill out" and get themselves ready to be back in class.  Once they are calm, able to accept feedback and ready to comply they are returned to class.  An "Uh-Oh" note will be sent home informing parents of the difficulty so you can discuss this with them.  Further consequences at home are not necessary unless indicated on this note. 

Parents can dial the Team Room directly if they need to speak with me or get a message to their child's classroom teacher. 

734-744-2690  x12116

Mrs. Kieft