Ms. Szczesny - Grade 5

General information

What do you see?


For the 2017-2018 school year, I will be returning to 5th grade to teach my last class all the necessary information they'll need to succeed this year. Our class will be switching with Mrs. Elliston's class for science instruction, and I'll be in charge of everything else (although I have a great background in science, so they can ask me for help with anything). I will also be teaching Mrs. Elliston's class social studies. Working together, we will create an active, positive, opportunity/growth-filled environment where your child will flourish.

Remember each year/semester is an opportunity for a brand new start and a brand new you. We'll be enjoying learning and growing together throughout the year.

You can easily contact me through email at (checked daily).

My phone number at school is 734-744-2680; call and leave a message with the office if you need immediate help.

I also check my homeroom's planners daily, so you can always jot a note there as well.

Please be sure to complete the parent survey at the beginning of the year if your child is in my class, and also if I'll be teaching your child social studies from Mrs. Elliston's class. You'll find it in the "parent survey" tab on the clipboard at the left. Thanks!