Interruptions Reduce Time to Learn
Interruptions Reduce Time to Learn and Time Counts

We are always looking for ways to improve our instruction and to meet the needs of all our students.  One topic that is always a concern is the number of interruptions during the school day.

There are interruptions that cannot be eliminated, but there are interruptions that we can at least minimize.  These types of interruptions are usually brief typified by intercom announcements and brief queries at the classroom door. 

“These brief interruptions actually steal about three minutes each.  That is the time that elapses from the point of interruption through its end and until most children in the classroom are once again engaged in academic work.  Now consider that the classroom is once again engaged in academic work.  Now consider that ten such interruptions would eat up about thirty minutes of engaged instructional time.  Every day.  Two and one-half hours every week.  Two whole school days every month!”

After considering the accumulative effects interruptions can have, we respectfully request for our students to arrive to school on time.  The number of late students has drastically increased.  This late arrival not only affects the student who is late but every student who is in that classroom loses time when the late student arrives.  We understand things happen in the mornings that can affect a morning schedule, but we would appreciate anything you can do to help reduce the number of late arrivals.

We also try  not to disrupt learning to ask students to come to the office to pick up forgotten items.  They can always check in the office before going to lunch to pick up a lunch before lunch time or their instrument before music.  Please try to make end of day pick up arrangements with your student in the morning before he/she leaves for school.  Giving a student a message may seem to not be obtrusive, but as you can see from the above information, it can become an interruption in learning. 

We strive to provide a quality education for your children.  You are very important in this equation.  Thank you for your understanding and support.