Digital Responsibility-Sexting

Digital Responsibility . . . . .

Have you heard this term?  I came across this phrase when searching for information about sexting.  Have you heard of sexting?  If you haven’t, as parents of tweens, teens, and young adults, we need to educate ourselves now. 

Sexting is basically a trend that has spread across America and even worldwide of sending nude or semi-nude pictures to one another on mobile phones.  I read that this is a common practice.  In January 2009, a survey of 1200 teenagers reported one in five had sent explicit photos of themselves.  Can you imagine what the current statistics would tell us?  The social danger of sexting is this material can easily and widely be spread with no control of the originator. 

The consequences to sexting can range from humiliation when the pictures are spread, to loss of job and scholarships, to prosecution for a felony for both the sender and receiver.  There have been cases where these young people are charged with manufacturing, disseminating or possessing child pornography, even if the person did nothing more than open the file; it didn’t matter.

I do not claim to know everything about this, and I know I am painting a dismal picture.  However, as parents, we need a closer “electronic leash” on our kids and need to be more tuned into the cyberspace trend.  This isn’t about being controlling – this is good parenting.

We need to scramble to catch up to the unpredictable ways of technology . . . beginning with safe and smart ways to use cell phones.  I don’t want our young people to become a victim of technology.