Riley Parent Teacher Association

2016-17 PTA Meeting Dates: PTA Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room unless otherwise noted. The meetings this year are: October, 11; November 15; December 13 (if needed); January 10; February 14, March 14, April 11, and May 9.  

These nominations have been received for the upcoming 2017-18 PTA Board:

President: Tamara Alrabady
Vice-President:  Jaci Churan
Treasurer:  Alicia Hopkins
Corresponding Secretary: Open
Recording Secretary: Open
Any questions? Contact Moj Jabbour at

2016-17 Officers

Ginny DeNardis
1st Vice President
Moj Jabbour
2nd Vice President
Melodie Provencher
Recording Secretary Jaci Churan
Corresponding Secretary Lynn Favers

2016-17 Committee Chairs

Beautification Michele Tanderys
Lynn Carey
Box Tops for Education Nikki Watson
Jennifer Judd 
Directory Tracy Bouzas
Holiday Shop Sally Coughlin 
Masterworks Stephanie Eaton 
Membership Alicia Hopkins 
Mixed Bag Fundraiser
Moj Jabbour
Christa Barron 
Pancake Breakfast Melodie Provencher 
Pizza, Pop, and Paperbacks
Joanne Andree
Angie Rutterbush 
Reflections Angie Rutterbush 
Roller Skating Jen Merchant
Retail Reimbursement vacant
Spree Vouchers Mary Akahoshi 
Staff Appreciation Crystal Frank
Moj Jabbour 
Welcome Table Lynn Favers 
Yearbook Wendie Deano 
Youth Making a Difference Angie Rutterbush