Free Money Programs

Easy ways to earn money for our school!

Box Tops

Lookfor this logo – find the small box and cut it out – send it to schoolwith your child. What does that get us? 10 cents. Each! They add upfast, earning us hundreds of dollars a year. These are on BettyCrocker, Bisquick, Juicy Juice, Cheerios, Chex, Hefty, Pillsbury,Progresso, Cottenelle, Kleenex, Yoplait, Ziploc, and many many more. Goto for a complete list!


Theyhave Cash for Education Cards. Request a card and register it online.When you make a purchase at Busch’s scan your card – if you pay by cash,check, or debit card Riley will receive 5% of your purchase. If you payby credit card Riley will receive 3%. Each quarter Riley will receive acheck! To request a card send a note to the office labeled PTA -Busch’s and include your student’s name and teacher—we will send you acard and instructions.


RileyUpper Elementary School is enrolled in the Gordon Foods Fun FundsProgram.  When shopping at Gordon Foods, indicate that you would likeyour points to go to Riley Upper Elementary School Fun Funds.  They willdirect the points purchased to Riley. Money generated from this programwill be used for learning and teaching resources. Please support RileyUpper Elementary by enrolling in GFS Fun Funds Program.



Riley Upper Elementary participates in a program called Kroger Community Rewards. Thisis a great way to earn funds for Riley while you shop at Kroger. Tohelp our school, please go online to Kroger’s secure website andregister your card. It is quick and easy to do—just follow the stepsbelow. Also, please tell friends and family members to register theircards to Riley Upper Elementary. The more cards we have registered andare used, the more earnings we will get back. If you do not have aKroger Plus Card, they are available at the customer service desk atKroger or if you use your Alternate ID (your phone number), call877-576-7587 to get your Kroger Plus card number.


Please note that this program runs from May 1st – April 30th of each year, so you must re-enroll by April 30 of each year. You will not receive a reminder from Kroger by email.


To register your Kroger Plus Card:


  • Go to
  • Select Michigan.
  • Scroll down and click on enroll.
  • Set up an account using your email address and password if you do not already have an account.
  •  If this is a new account, an email will be sent to you to verify your email address. Click the link in the email to complete the registration process.
  • Once registered, sign in to your account.
  • Find Riley Upper Elementary by typing in the search box or using Riley’s NPO NUMBER: 82820.
  • Once the system locates Riley Upper Elementary, select the school by clicking in the dot next to the school’s name.
  • Click “save your changes.”








Riley Upper Elementary will now be able to benefit every time you use your Kroger Plus Card!!


Once you have registered your Kroger card for the community rewards, go to www.elabelsforeducation.comand register it there. Each time you buy a Labels for Educationproduct and scan your card we get an EXTRA label credited toour account. How easy is that?

Labels for Education

Soeasy! Just clip the UPC from a Labels for Education product, collectthem, and send them into school with your student. The school can tradethose UPCs for all kinds of things…gym equipment, schoolsupplies, computers and more! And look around – it isn’t just Campbell’ssoup. Check your Goldfish Crackers, V8 Splash, Bic pens, Pregospaghetti sauce, Glad products, and Pop Secret. Go to for a complete list!


RileyUpper Elementary will receive a percentage of sales for almost allMeijer purchases when you pay by cash, PIN-debit card, Meijer 1 Card, ora Meijer credit card.  You must be enrolled for purchases to counttowards the rewards program.  Follow the steps below to register:

  • Go to  In the search box in the upper right corner, type in community rewards.  Click GO. 
  • In the middle of the page, see the listing of options under MEIJER CUSTOMERS.  Select from the links to learn more about the program and to sign up.
  • To find Riley, you can search under "schools" and then "Livonia,MI 48154" and Riley PTA will be found.
  • Our school code # is 548556.


Whenpurchasing school supplies or any office supplies at Office Depot,Riley Upper Elementary School will receive 5% credit, of the qualifyingpurchases, for free supplies, when you use the school’s program I.D.number. Purchases can be made at any Office Depot store location, or bycalling 1-800-GO DEPOT, or online at 

The Office Depot I.D. number for Riley is 70051279.


Evernotice that big green and yellow dumpster behind the school? Bring yourpapers to recycle, and we receive a check from the company in exchange!Wow!!


Every time you useyour Target Visa or Target Guest Card at a Target store orat, they will donate an amount equal to 1% of your purchasesmade at Target, and 1/2% of Target Visa purchases made elsewhere, to theeligible school of your choice.

You can sign up for the SchoolFundraising program by calling 1-800-316-6142, or by  The program is called Take Charge of Education. Riley Upper Elementary School’s I.D. Number is 123915.